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Want your business to grow? Dismiss managers!

At present, it is considered quite natural and natural that almost every enterprise or company has different levels of management. As a result, ordinary employees devote a considerable amount of working enthusiasm not so much to make the maximum contribution to the successful development of the company, but rather to please their superiors.

But some companies (for example, the online marketing agency Ciplex) ventured away from this practice, which led to an increase in the quality of work, an improvement in the team atmosphere, an increase in positive customer reviews, a decrease in expenses, and a favorable dynamics in the company’s overall business.

If you want your business to have the same results, you only need to take the following steps, which at one time ensured the founder of Ciplex success in the chosen business field.

1. Discard the job hierarchy in your team.
Divide the staff of your employees into small teams, in which there should be no talk about the job hierarchy, although, of course, the appearance of an unwritten leader in the team is not excluded. Such a structural reorganization will lead to increased productivity and additional motivation of employees. Also give the opportunity to members of each team to independently assess the performance of their activities and their own contribution to the common cause, which will contribute to their professional growth and development to a certain extent.

2. Formulate goals for each team.
The next step is to set a specific task for each team. This will help your employees clearly present the end result of their work. In addition, it is important to formulate the shortest possible time to complete the task. Having a specific goal and clear deadlines for its implementation, each team will be able to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of their work and learn to extract some experience and knowledge from the mistakes made on the way to the goal set. Moreover, such an organization of work will allow each employee to feel responsible for all the successes and failures of your company and relieve them of the feeling that they are doing all the tasks solely for the benefit of their superiors.

3. Collectively solve problems.
The rejection of the job hierarchy assumes that the desire to cope with emerging problems collectively, and not to shift responsibility from one employee to another, comes to the fore. And in this case, the role of the former managers and managers is reduced to providing the support and necessary assistance, instead of telling the ordinary employees what to do and how.

4. Pay employees for the work done, not for the position held.
No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to pay all employees the same salary. But nevertheless it is necessary to show interest in how to meet the needs of their employees. Salary should be directly proportional to the work performed and the results obtained, but should not depend on the position held. Employees must stop seeing money as their first priority, then companies will succeed. The management of any company should do everything possible so that workers try for the common good, and not pursue selfish goals.

5. Leave your employees the right to self-government.
Every employee wants to get rid of the authoritarian style of government. The opportunity for employees to decide for themselves how to do their job is a strong incentive to act. So let them bring this opportunity to life. Eliminate the rules and enter a free schedule so that employees themselves distribute their free time and holidays. If the company has clearly defined fixed hours and requirements, the dates of leave are limited, there are ornate job titles, and employees are forced to make reports, all this can be described with one slogan: the company’s rules are primary – the company’s goals are secondary.

6. Direct, but do not drive.
If you see that some of your employees are not coping with a task or are faced with a certain problem, then your goal in such a situation is to send such an employee to the right decision, and not to take on his work or immediately look for that who exactly cope.

7. Finally, reap the rewards of your efforts.
As soon as you abandon the working relationship in the “boss – subordinate” system, the benefits of such changes will immediately have a positive effect on your business in the form of increasing employee motivation, increasing the quality of their work and expanding their customer base. You will create a company in which people will work with pleasure and with which they will seek to cooperate.

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